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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello to all my fans around the world (thanks to Scrib’d). 20 August 2007
I got to thinking that it is probably time to let you know what I have been doing. As I finished each of my 6 novels, I felt great excitement and satisfaction and because I had conducted numerous edits on each one, I believed that all errors, omissions and rough spots in the novels had been detected and corrected. But, after time passed I took the effort to read each novel again after letting them lie on my book shelf for about a year. Wow, I really enjoyed reading my own novels and again re-living the experiences. However, as I read, noticed that each novel needed some changes. Some of the details needed re-sequencing for the time line to be completely accurate and I thought that inclusion of a few pictures would spice up the novels a bit. And, there is always an and. After searching/surfing the internet to see how easy my novel titles popped up, I decided that perhaps different titles might get found easier. SOooo, I went about my new self imposed work project with great excitement and fervor. I rewrote/revised, re-sequenced and added pictures and re-titled the novels. I also put all of the republished/re-titled works on Lulu at my storefront there . Although the re-titled novels have no ISBN, they are basically 2nd editions of the original manuscripts. They are available at the Lulu web site for much lower prices than the 1st editions at any and all publishers and book sellers.

My next step was to create this document (blog) to post on the forums I use as a means of letting you know what I’ve done. To find my novels on the net please click on this link . This link takes you to what Lulu calls “My Storefront” where the covers, previews etc of my books are shown to entice you to buy them as either e-books or as paperbacks at very reasonable prices. The storefront contains all of the republications and most of the original first publications regardless of what publishing house originally published them. Again, and importantly, by republishing with Lulu I was able to reduce the purchase price considerably for you.

Below are copies of covers of those novels by Thomas J. McGoldrick and also one by a shy but sometimes bold and brash friend named Tim Martin:

1st Edition of “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” as a republished 1st Edition with Lulu is only $12.96. The Price is much higher with Publish America. Here is the link to “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” (ID #1124251):

The 2nd Edition of “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” re-titled as“The Purpose Driven Retirement to The Marshall Islands” is available for only $14.15 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “My Life Story by Tom M. A Recovering Alcoholic” re-titled “My Obsession with Alcohol and My Recovery” is available for only $10.15 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “Star Wars in the Pacific titled” “The Missing Black Box” is available for only $10.73 with Lulu.
The 1st Edition of “On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings” is available at Lulu for $19.95

The 2nd Edition of “On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings” re-titled to “Return to a Proper Purpose Driven Life Style Thanks to AA Meetings” is available with Lulu for only $11.69
The 1st Edition of “Odyssey of the Auditor Interns” $35.95 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “Odyssey of the Auditor Interns” re-titled to “The New Hires of 1965” is available at Lulu for only $19.95

The 1st Edition of “A Senior Citizen Raising Infant Sons” is available at Lulu for only $12.88
Here is the link to your Book, A Senior Citizen Raising Infant Sons (ID #1124207):

Now for the Novel by shy friend Tim Martin:

The 1st Edition of “Sexual Wandering and Pandering through Life" was published by Author house. This 2nd edition is re-titled Sexual Lust and Gratification and is published with This 484 page lurid book is available for only $17.96 with Lulu. Here is the link to “Sexual Lust and Gratification” (ID #1124117):
My next step will be to post the above data to specific forums. Each time I post, I will feature a different novel sample chapter + cover of each of the above novels. Scrib’d permitting; I will include sample photos to titillate you.
This time I will feature “The Purpose Driven Retirement to the Marshall Islands”. $14.15
Have any of you ever had a dream plan for retirement to own and operate a tourist lodge or cottages somewhere in the mountains, on a lake or on a sea shore? Well, that is what this novel is about. Tom first planned to do this in Austria while working in Germany. So many others had done that successfully and others were waiting for their retirement to do so too. As time passed and Tom worked in other places, the location of that place changed too. While married to the beautiful Lisa, a cultural dance girl from Uh in Pohnpei (center girl of three in picture number 4 for stick dancers at ) the retirement dream had been to build tourist cottages in Pohnpei on her family’s land. After disasters with her and divorce, that plan changed to Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands on the Marshallese wife’s family land. Oh, retirement was still some years away or so he thought. Then one day, as Army bases were being closed, the opportunity came to accept an early retirement. He did so and went to Majuro where he was welcomed back like a long lost friend. At last he was going to get to build his tourist cottages adjacent to a lagoon beach. The weather was great most of the time. The people were good and helpful at first. Life was grand on that island without cars and without electricity. The only store was the one Tom ran. Construction was slow but that was ok. There were plenty of fresh lagoon and ocean fish and the sunsets were magnificent. And, the young women Tokyo the alab brought over to meet him and to entertain him some evenings were a special delight.

Have I got your interest? If so please click on the link . Once there click on any of the book covers on the left side of the page and then click on previews to ferret out more delectable details and then buy as you so desire. Have a great day and thank you again for visiting my storefront at Lulu.

Have a great day because I sure am.
Tom McGoldrick

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Books for Boys
I write adventure books, real life adventure not fiction. The original purpose was to document and to pass on to my own sons my own work/travel/pleasure adventures so that they could also enjoy the experiences and perhaps even learn from them (you know, the old lessons learned thing so to perhaps avoid some of the same pitfalls). The books compartmentalize segments of my adventures and life.

All of my books are listed as 1st publication and also 2nd publication (revised and improved and with a different title) at where they can be purchased in paperback or as e-books and at (search on McGoldrick) for all in e-book format (really inexpensive). They are also listed by, Barnes and Noble, Albris books and many other book sellers.

The books start with the book entitled "Retirement Riches in the Pacific" ISBN 13 digit 9781413709957. This is not the beginning of the series but is the first book published. The adventures in this books were really instigated by the 3 movies Mutiney on the Bounty. Movies I had watched during my lifetime and which always left me desirous of living on a tropical Pacific Island and maybe even getting to have an Island Beauty as a girlfriend as some of those sailors had done. As with most people, I had to wait until I retired and had plenty of time available before I was able to go back to the Marshall Islands and live my dream. Yes, I was lucky and had been invited there to build a tourist cottage business on Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll (look up the place on Google. You will be amazed.) That place was the choice after my first choice of Pohnpei fell through (I'd been invited to built tourist cottages there too. Look up Pohnpei on Google-that's where the Bostonian Whalers laid up for pleasurable shore time.) I set out to get rich while indulging my fantacies but things did not work out as planned or desired.

The second book is titled "Star Wars in the Pacific" ISBN 13 digit 9781420842975. This book is a fictional plot using real life characters, events and locational scenes. While stationed at Kwajalein (look it up in Google too) certain events occurred which caused fellow workers to suggest I write a spy novel (they were well acquainted with my writing abilities). With their encouragement, I did just that. The book tells about the missile program and includes the time of the black box which went missing after the missile splashed into the lagoon just before a terrible typhoon. After the typhoon passed, the missile was located but the black box could not be found even by the US Navy Seals. Oh, there was lots of speculation and intrigue. Check out the book for lots of adventures.

The third and fourth books are also adventures but they are usually listed in the self-help/recovery section since they deal with the use of, addiction to, stopping the use of and living without that so called great elixer of life-ALCOHOL. These books are "My Life Story by Tom M. A Recovering Alcoholic" ISBN 13 digit 9781420842012. This particular book recounts the adventures of a young boy as King of the Liquor Warehouse and growing up with alcohol, getting addicted to it, many exciting and not necessarily glamourous events and finally stopping the use of alcohol. Yes, in the early years alcohol gave the courage to do things but later caused problems. The book is intended to give others the opportunity to self identify and to see that the addiction can be overcome. The fourth book is "On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings" ISBN 9781411675520. This particular book starts with the giving up of drinking alcoholic beverages and starting to live a life without alcohol. It details the painful and not so painful steps of changing not just one aspect of living but essentially changing everything including how life is lived. This book also provides for self identity and encouragement to others that they too can make the change if they really want to.

And then there is the 5th book. It is "Odyssey of the Auditor Interns" ISBN 13 digit 9781411676886. This book tries to exclude what is in the other 4 books. It is written similar to another book written about a graduating class of West Point Cadets which then followed them throughout their careers. This book is parallel to that and follows a group of new hire auditors of 1965 who went to work for Army Audit Agency and they began to see the world and get some real experiences. It is a globe trotting novel. It shows that civilians volunteered to work overseas (they were never sent without volunteering) and served their country without carrying weapons. They were in exciting places at exciting times. When it was all over, each of the auditors had plenty of memories to enjoy whilst sitting in the proverbial rocking chair on the porch and watching the people walk by. Check it out. (Search Asmara, Ethiopia on Google). That place is in the book too.

May my writings inspire others to take the more adventuresome path and in so doing gain for the others their very own unique life and travel experiences which they can recount to others to hold them spellbound anytime they wish. Most people do not travel but do envy those who have traveled.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wednesday 16 May 2007
Hello dear customers. This is a news update. In my searching for forums and blog sites to advertise my works and in reaching out to get book critiques, I was referred to Mobi-pocket for e-books. Their system for uploading is not as simple as Scrib'd (another site which found me and asked that I post books or parts of books there-lots of customer hits on that site from all around the world) or as is publisher's site but still, it is another "listing" for book sales all around the world and I must not forget Schvroong, it is an interesting blogger/book site too.
And, I find that I cannot leave my novels alone. Once written and put to publish, I think I am through editing and re-writing and in changing of the title but I am not. You see. I tend toward being a perfectionist. And since all of my works are of actual real life events, I fuss with them to flesh them out a bit more and insist on the proper sequence. Of course, I do leave out some of the events/data. And, in re-editing I often find words to change to smooth out the flow, better state the events and to resequence (put in proper sequence) events.
So, I encourage you to use google to go to mobipocket and then to search on McGoldrick to find my books as e-books. Although these have the original titles and ISBNs, the contents are updated. You can get free preview chapters.
You can also go to my storefront with lulu for a complete selection of all my republished books and original editions too. Oh, with lulu, I had made a mistake and didn't know for a year that even though I had clicked on publish, they were not available to the public since I had not clicked on available to the public. Someone at Lulu found the error and notified me. So I must apologize abjectly for my stupid error which probably cause many of you to be frustrated. Yes, I had advertised for all to go to Lulu to get but you couldn't get there. Oh well, live and learn. That problem is now fixed. Also for the 2nd editions I lowered the prices for you.
The first book for you to look at is the new edition titled "The Purpose Driven Retirement to the Marshall Islands" previously titled "Retirement Riches in the Pacific" a title which placed the book in the how to retire books.
For some unkown reason I cannot post a picture of the new cover here. But is is great.
Have a nice day.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Today is the 9th of February 2007, Oh how time is flying by. To all of the readers of my blog maybe this new Google blog thing with the adsense is great but I haven't been able to implement it yet. I keep getting shut out because "someone else is using my e-mail account" and that someone is ME.
But, I sent a distress e-mail to contact us and maybe someone will figure it out.
I have, however been able to change the colors of my blog and think it looks terrific in green. Also, I have updated the linked blog .
With time I seem to be learning. The lulu blog has nice links to the two books I published with lulu in the storefront and the link to this blogger blog of which contains links to the publishers of and Publish so that buyers can EASILY click on the links and get to the places where they can purchase either e-books or paperback books. Thought I had that all set up before but found that there were some glitches. Soooooooooo, please accept my humble apologies for making your internet book search and buying experience difficult.
As a further enticement to buy my books, I will send each of you 2 chapters of each book you are interested in so that you can "thumb" through the book before you buy it. To do that, e-mail me at and tell me what book(s) you want 2 preview chapters from and I'll quickly copy and e-mail them to you.
Thanks and have a great day because other than the difficulties with the adsense and google, I am learning more and am having a great day.
Sincerely yours
Tom McGoldrick
Angeles City, the Philippines


Sunday, April 16, 2006

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

McGoldrick's Adventure Novels

Friday, March 03, 2006

McGoldrick's Adventure Novels
This blog is my advertisement page for my action adventure novels.

About the Author
Thomas J. McGoldrick born in 1943 in Olympia, Washington and raised and educated by Benedictine monks. He went to work as a civilian for the U.S. Army with its lure of "work for the US Army and see the world." For 28 years, he did just that working and living in six US states, Germany, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the Marshall Islands, He traveled extensively both in his assignments as auditor, accountant, finance officer, and program management officer and to satisfy his personal lust for travel and adventure in the countries where assigned and India, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico {archeological tour) Haiti, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Dominica, Canada and most of the European countries including Italy, Spain and Greece.
Torn believes life is a delightful adventure and he always perseveres through hardships and tribulations. He knows the joy is in the experiences of the Journey and the reward is often not the planned objective, as in the case of this actual adventure of his, Retirement Riches in the Pacific,

To buy books written by this author enter see the links below for each book.

Retirement Riches In The Pacific
“A thrilling tale of a man who, after retiring from many years work with the US Government, accepts the invitation of his wife’s family to go to Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands and build a tourist resort of cottages constructed of iron wood and pandannus thatch.young woman caught up in the spy business at a missile base to help her grandmother in Vladivostok. He is an ever optomistic and aggressive adventurer. He gets deeply involved with the local people, his wife goes “Jumbo Jumbo”, witch doctors are consulted, the woman is pronounced irredeemable, her parents tell him to “throw her away and go and get another one” and he builds his resort only to be burned out by arsonists. He leaves with skin intact and fathers two sons in the Philippines where he lives ever after. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure on a Pacific Island. It isn’t anything like the movies. Now you too can experience in vivid detail- the joys, the boredom, the rapture and the disappointments."
Retirement Riches in the Pacific
To buy this book, visit, or or, then enter books and McGoldrick, Tom to order this book as hard cover, paperback or electronic image.

Genre: Real Life Action Adventure
Paperback: 235 pages
Description: A Thrilling tale of adventure and daily life experiences living with people of another culture while establishing a tourist business and building tourist cottages. Want to find out what “coman weine means?” Ever make copra yourself? Get this book and you will read about that and the nightly visits of the pretty “Likatu”. Life can be grand or boring. It is up to the attitude of the person. This is the story of an ever optomistic adventurer seeking “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” only to find that those “riches” he achieved were not in the form of money. For those who yearn to live an adventure; buy the book and experience experience it in the comfort of your living room.
Synopsis:This tale of high adventure and intrigue, is set in the real world where life is harsh and customs and culture of the indigenous people are very different from those of the heroine, but where learning from a people who have survived for over 5,000 years provides an insight into life’s true values. Emidj Island was the centner of culture in the Marshall Islands until the Allies liberated the islands from the Japanese invaders. It was where the Japanese had a seaplane base. To this day there are many “war” relics of power plants with Yanmar diesel engines, fighter plane engines and propellers sticking out of the sandy beaches and sunken boats and ships. Tim, the action adventurer goes to Emidj, hires local people, is given a 2nd “welcome to the islands party” by the women of Jaluit, lives and works with the local people and constructs 10 pandannus thatched cottages on iron wood frames on top of concrete platforms encasing the rubble of the concrete parking strip for the Japanese war planes. He acts as a island trader, crossing the lagoon to “trade” store goods for pandannus thatch and iron wood poles. He enjoys the “nightly visits of pretty Likatu brought by the old Alab”. He enjoys fresh yellow fin tuna cooked on the hot exhaust pipes of the diesel “boom boom” boats. He routinely enjoys real fresh shashmi and mulitcolored tropical sunsets. Some young and violent teenagers drunk and bent on destroying that which they could never have torched one of his cottages during a typhoon and the winds carry the flames to the cottage where he was sleeping. He escapes and removes his belongings with the help of his workers as parts of the flaming roof fall down on them. He finishes the project, and mades copra while waiting for the annual visit of the cargo ship. He sells and ships off island all he can to minimize his losses and leaves the Marshall Islands with his skin intact but with deep emotional pain over the change in the mood of the local people and the travails he suffered his last 6 months on Emidj. He leaves all behind after the arsonists repeatedly excape from the flimsey Majuro jail and tell everyone they encounter that they are going to kill Tim. Life on a beautiful island in the tropics where there is no snow or ice and the days and water are always warm can be peaceful and tranquil and was for much of the time but life on Emidj was not as he had seen portrayed often on movies of the fabulous Pacific. A thrilling tale of determination and perseverance by an older American living and working on a Pacific Isle. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure; now they can experience it through the exploits of Tim.
Book Details · Paperback: 235 pages · Binding: Hard copy $19.95, paperback and electronic media $4.95· Published: 2003 ISBN 1-4137-0995-8
To buy this book, visit Publish America or on books, enter McGoldrick, Tom

Star Wars in the Pacific
By Thomas J. McGoldrick

This book is a fictionalized account of Life on Kwajalein with a heroine American girl whose grandmother was still in Vladivostok and who had been enticed to spy for the Russians with the promise of a better life for her grandmother. She was an attractive girl and had a number of suitors. Most of the account centers around the time when a black box from an incoming missile which had splashed down in the lagoon went missing. Oh, the splash in had been observed and triangulated and the dive teams went out. But, a storm came in and the divers had to leave the area. After the storm passed, the divers tried to find the black box to no avail. The Navy Seals were called in and they searched and searched and found nothing too. Maybe there was truth to the belief that the Russians had sneaked in from their ship constantly patrolling around the island while the storm was on going and their divers had found and retrieved the black box. The major news crews came and tried to elicit information for news accounts but even they couldn’t get the people on the island to talk. What was the truth? Read and learn more. And, don’t forget about the beach used by the Marshallese couples for private sexual encounters always vigilant for the coconut crabs.
There are fireworks and marriage at the end. The test of one missile shooting down another in the stratosphere and the two imploding actually worked. And, the heroine married the young Lt. who had won out over the other suitors.
Several of the teenage neighbor boys and girls got over their initial shyness and timidly started asking Marina questions. "Was she married? Had she finished college? Where was she working now? Did she have a fiancée or boyfriend? Could she sponsor them to come to the USA to go to school or to work? How long was she going to stay? Did she want to go sight seeing around the town? Did she want to go out and meet other Russian young women and men her age?"

Marina answered the questions, and said, "Yes, I would like to go sight seeing around town tomorrow morning." The girl sent shopping returned, and grandmother lit the gas burner to boil water for the coffee. The neighbors politely excused themselves and left to give Marina and her grandmother some time alone. Grandmother opened the package from her daughter and read the letter inside. She cried. She continued crying as she opened the other brightly wrapped small packages inside with the photographs, perfume, and new flower printed soft cotton underwear.

Grandmother said to Marina, "I am so lonely without my daughter, but, it was the best decision I ever made to send Sonja to the USA when the opportunity presented itself. I am so very happy and proud to see that, my daughter has such a fine daughter, my granddaughter, before I die." She gave Marina another hug and a kiss on the forehead and again another long hug. Marina felt grandmother tremble as she hugged Marina the second time. They ate the sparse meal of vegetables, fish, and bread in silence. For grandmother the dinner fare was better than she had been able to have for a long time and thanked her granddaughter for the food. Grandmother and granddaughter went to sleep early, both in the one double bed. It was cold but with the two of them together, Marina found it tolerable.

In the morning, after coffee, bread and butter and strawberry jam, two neighbor teenage girls knocked on the door and asked if she was ready to go sightseeing with them. Marina looked at grandmother who smiled, nodded, and said, "Yes, yes please go with them. They will show you some of the old town and the places where your mother grew up and went to school. I want you to see these things. I am too old and crippled to take you myself. Go now and have a good time. I will have hot coffee and a nice meal waiting when you return." Marina went off with the two teenage girls and the two boys to explore the town where her mother grew up.

The girls and boys took Marina all over the city to see the museums, the bridges, the municipal buildings, the schools, the graveyards, and the port. They traveled by bus and streetcar. Fares were nominal. Everywhere she went people stared at Marina. At first it bothered her, but after a while she just ignored the stares. Marina had tried to bring simple and not flashy clothes because she was a conservative girl, but the style and relative newness of her clothing attracted attention anyway. Marina remarked to her companions about the stares, and they told her to not bother about it, saying, the people were just admiring her clothes. The sight seeing continued at a rapid pace for three days until Marina thought she would drop with exhaustion. On the second day, Ivan, recently graduated from college and employed by the government, joined the group. As they walked, Ivan gave a continuous discourse about things to Marina. Marina found him to be very well informed about the city, politics, and international issues. He was a bit older, had more education and was more involved with things, than the teenage girls and boys in the group. Ivan was a spry and lively curly black haired youth with a sparkle in his black eyes and cheerfulness in his voice. Marina enjoyed being with him. He seemed to have friends everywhere they went. People continuously called out hello to him. On the third day, Ivan said, "Marina, do you want to help your grandmother, and the Russian people?"

Marina said, "Sure."


Marina went over to Kwajalein on Friday afternoon for a visit to the clinic and to dance in the Yokwe Yuk. Lt. Richard had persevered and had gone again to the Yokwe Yuk. He was extremely delighted when Marina walked in. He told her what had happened in the control room on the day the first launch was aborted and then on the second launch day when the mission was successful. He told her about the failure of the hard hat divers to find the nose cone and the fear the Americans had that the circling Russian ship had sent in one or more of their mini-subs with divers and had found and removed the nose cone and black box during the storm while the American divers were ordered back into safe harbor. Marina said, "Do you really think it possible that the Russians retrieved the nose cone with the black box?"

Lt. Richard said, "We don’t know but since it hasn''t been found, that''s a distinct possibility. Marina was thinking to herself that if the Russians had sent in their mini-sub and had successfully retrieved the nose cone and black box, she might be able to cease her spying activities. Stephen had told her that while on the beach watching the wind surfers last month. Marina was getting bored with the spy stuff. To her, the data was routine and without value and she disliked doing things which might result in her getting caught and having to explain why she had the items.

The search continued. The US media got wind of the event and started publishing questioning stories. "Why had the military lost the black box?" "Why had the military not had adequate security?" Fortunately, there was a political scandal in the US, which took over the front pages for a few days and the fickle media lost interest in the black box. The military asked the Navy for one team of Navy Seals. If the seals couldn’t find the black box, it wasn’t there.

Navy Seals flew in to Kwajalein on a C-141. It was full with their special gear. The military folks and contractors were happy. Jim, one of the civilian government employees for the military and a naval reserve officer, was assigned as point of contact. The black box would be recovered soon now. But, the weather was being fickle again. The Navy Seals dove anyway. They found the missile and started searching in grid patterns where the nose cone should be.

To buy this 348 page book book, Star Wars in the Pacific ISBN 1-4208-4297-8, visit then books and type in McGoldrick, Tom. Or go to at

My Life Story- by Tom M. A Recovering Alcoholic
“A thrilling tale by a man of growing up where consumption of alcohol was normal and routine, using it in his youth to overcome shyness and to gain acceptance and later stopping consumption of alcohol and with the help of AA, learning to live a normal alcohol free life. This is a never ending kaleidescope of adventures, some funny, some embarassing, some scary and some humiliating. He survived them all. And, as his life continued, the exciting action adventures continued. He was blessed with two sons late in life and his values changed from henoistic to supportive to properly raise and educate his sons, the promise of continuance of the family name. Never a dull moment. A new adventure begins before the current adventure ends. Just what is up and over the next ridge anyway? Get the book and discover yourself. Those real life action shows on TV are just producer’s fantacies. Try some real life action adventure without leaving the comfort of your chair or home. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure on a Pacific Island. It isn’t anything like the movies. Now you can experience it in vivid detail- the joys, the boredom, the rapture and the disappointments."
My Life Story-by Tom M. A Recovering Alcoholic ISBN 1-4208-4201-3
Visit and key in Tom McGoldrick or then on books, enter McGoldrick, Tom to order this book as hard cover, paperback or electronic image. Or go to at

Genre: Real Life Action Adventure and Addiction and Recovery Paperback: 283 pages
Description: A thrilling tale of adventure and daily life experiences from early childhood growing up with alcohol ready at hand, through teenage growing up years and on to adulthood when drinking was legal and acceptable. Ah, the exploits of teenagers who are drinking. Then, after many years of enjoyable drinking, the paranoia set in and it was time to go to Alcoholics Anonyomous where the lead character learned how to stop and stay stopped in the drining area. For those who yearn to live an adventure, buy the book and experience experience it in the comfort of your living room.
Synopsis:This tale of high adventure is set in the real world where life is harsh and customs and culture of peoples almost everywhere insist you drink. Tom grew up with alcohol and enjoyed it for many a year as have so many others. As long as he stayed with the heavy drinkers, there seemed to be no problem. But, there was. Eventually, he had to face the cold hard facts and make changes, not small ones either. Just about everything concering his life had to change. And, change it did. Oh, the adventures continued as that was in Tom’s basic nature. However, here-to-fore rash impetitous charges off onto new adventures were now tempered with rational clearheaded thinking. Life is truly a great adventure. You too can do the adventures first hand like Tom did or 2nd hand by reading of his adventures. After all of his adventures Tom now enjoys watching Explorer and Discover channel to revisit some of the places he’d been before and where he’d enjoyed many a fine drink while practicing and other places where he’d enjoyed a fine time without the numbing effects of alcohol. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure; now they can experience it through Tom’s exploits. Book Details · Paperback: 282 pages · Binding: Hard copy $16.95, paperback and electronic media $4.95· Published: July 13, 2005 ISBN 1-4208-4201-3

On The Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings by Tom McGoldrick
This book tells how I got to AA and stopped drinking. It describes the many AA meetings I attended in the US and abroad and what I learned in those meeting I had to do in order to change to a better life and to get on and stay on the happy road to recovery.

Preview: He continued attending the 5 p.m. AA meetings and stopping afterwards at the tavern on the way home for about a month. Then one evening, while sitting on a stool and tilting up the first glass of very cold Stroh’s beer to wet his whistle, he glanced at a fellow seated at a nearby table drinking a can of Coke. The guy smiled. Tom thought he recognized him from the AA meetings. The guy said, “You’re a hypocrite. First you go to an AA meeting and then you come here and drink beer.”
Tom said, “F--- you. That’s my choice. At least I do not drink before I go to the meetings like some of those other sorry Asses.” He turned back to the bar and drank the rest of his glass of beer. The beer taste in his mouth turned bitter. The taste had been spoiled by that guy’s remark. Tom hated and despised hypocrites. But, he had to admit, if only to himself, that the guy was correct. So, he chose right then and there to cease drinking alcoholic beverages and did so. He paid for his beer, told the bar maid to give the rest of his pitcher to another regular in the tavern he knew and walked out. That was the first time he’d ever given a pitcher or part of a pitcher of beer to someone else even though others had done that to him many times. He had always stayed and drunk the beer given to him believing that he had to since they had given it to him. That was logical and totally dumb thinking.
Who said words don’t harm us? Wrong. Words cut us deeply and cause us to take actions we previously would’ve refused to take. Tom never saw that guy again in AA meetings and he never went into that tavern again either. He didn’t believe in going into a tavern to drink soft drinks. He was also starting to understand better about people coming into our lives for a purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled, leaving.

On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings
Genre: Real life action adventure and Addiction and recovery
Paperback: 237 pages
Visit then enter McGoldrick, books for products and enter and then order this book as paperback or electronic image.
· Binding: paperback and electronic media· Published: February 2006 ISBN 1-4116-7552-5

Odyssey of the Auditor Interns
by Tom McGoldrick
“A thrilling tale by a man of getting a job with the US Army Audit Agency, leaving home, friends and a comfortable way of live and embarking on an exciting tour of the world where he competed with others to get to the top of the mud hill of career success. Through it all, he maintained a rigid code of ethics and gradually and finally completely lost his sense of “home”. He was comfortable traveling and living in many parts of the globe. But, he could not go home. Home was a distant memory of the past. He had outgrown home and it would not accept him back. The job provided plenty of exciting action and the evenings and weekends on temporary duty travel added even more adventures. There were plenty of spear chuckers along the way. This novel takes a group of auditor interns hired in 1965 and chronicles their efforts, lives, successes and failures as they all try to climb that ladder of success, the proverbial mud hill. The group of auditor interns grew smaller as time passed and those auditors found less strenuous jobs with less or no travel or died. But, many, traveled similar paths encountering similar difficulties with wives and their lives and ended up semi comfortable where they retired but without a home. Never a dull moment. A new adventure begins before the current adventure ends. Just what is up and over the next ridge anyway? Get the book and discover yourself. Those real life action shows on TV are just producer’s fantasies. Try some real life action adventure without leaving the comfort of your chair or home. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure. It isn’t anything like the movies. Now you can experience it in vivid detail- the joys, the boredom, the rapture and the disappointments."
Odyssey of the Auditor Interns-by Tom McGoldrick
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Genre: Real Life Action Adventure
Paperback: 621 pages
Description: A thrilling tale of adventure and daily life experiences from 1965 through 1993. After reading a similar novel which portrayed the members of a graduating West Point Class as they progressed through various assignments and gained rank and recognition as they advanced in their careers only to lose friends and home and to wind up basically alone after many years of service, I decided to write a similar novel about the civilian auditors who also served their country proudly and voluntarily in the United States and abroad in foreign countries. They are the unsung heroes. For sure, auditors are detested individuals. But, they are also human beings struggling to perform their assignments well, to gain recognition for their accomplishments and to advance in their careers. However, those careers often require extensive travel for many years to many places in many lands. The travel experience is broadening and educational. But, at the end, they cannot talk to many people of those travels because most of the people have not traveled and are embarrassed to admit it. They were left behind to continue to do the drudgery work and live in their hometowns with travel limited to annual vacations to the beach, the mountains or to visit relatives in other states. Life is not fair. We do the best we can and choose the best path every time. Late in life, however, some of us can look back and see where perhaps the other path might have been a bit better but, we can at least say, “ I have few regrets because I have been there, seen that, and done that.” For those who yearn to live an adventure, buy the book and experience it in the comfort of your living room.
Synopsis:This tale of high adventure is set in the real world where life is harsh and customs and culture of peoples are exciting and enthralling. Tom always pursued involvement with the local peoples wherever he worked and traveled. He lusted for the excitement of the adventure. Life is and was truly a great adventure for him. You too can do the adventures first hand like Tom did or 2nd hand by reading of his adventures. After all of his adventures Tom now enjoys watching Explorer and Discover channel to revisit some of the places he’d been before and where he’d enjoyed many fine experiences. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure; now they can experience it through Tom’s exploits.
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