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Friday, March 03, 2006

Odyssey of the Auditor Interns
by Tom McGoldrick
“A thrilling tale by a man of getting a job with the US Army Audit Agency, leaving home, friends and a comfortable way of live and embarking on an exciting tour of the world where he competed with others to get to the top of the mud hill of career success. Through it all, he maintained a rigid code of ethics and gradually and finally completely lost his sense of “home”. He was comfortable traveling and living in many parts of the globe. But, he could not go home. Home was a distant memory of the past. He had outgrown home and it would not accept him back. The job provided plenty of exciting action and the evenings and weekends on temporary duty travel added even more adventures. There were plenty of spear chuckers along the way. This novel takes a group of auditor interns hired in 1965 and chronicles their efforts, lives, successes and failures as they all try to climb that ladder of success, the proverbial mud hill. The group of auditor interns grew smaller as time passed and those auditors found less strenuous jobs with less or no travel or died. But, many, traveled similar paths encountering similar difficulties with wives and their lives and ended up semi comfortable where they retired but without a home. Never a dull moment. A new adventure begins before the current adventure ends. Just what is up and over the next ridge anyway? Get the book and discover yourself. Those real life action shows on TV are just producer’s fantasies. Try some real life action adventure without leaving the comfort of your chair or home. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure. It isn’t anything like the movies. Now you can experience it in vivid detail- the joys, the boredom, the rapture and the disappointments."
Odyssey of the Auditor Interns-by Tom McGoldrick
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Genre: Real Life Action Adventure
Paperback: 621 pages
Description: A thrilling tale of adventure and daily life experiences from 1965 through 1993. After reading a similar novel which portrayed the members of a graduating West Point Class as they progressed through various assignments and gained rank and recognition as they advanced in their careers only to lose friends and home and to wind up basically alone after many years of service, I decided to write a similar novel about the civilian auditors who also served their country proudly and voluntarily in the United States and abroad in foreign countries. They are the unsung heroes. For sure, auditors are detested individuals. But, they are also human beings struggling to perform their assignments well, to gain recognition for their accomplishments and to advance in their careers. However, those careers often require extensive travel for many years to many places in many lands. The travel experience is broadening and educational. But, at the end, they cannot talk to many people of those travels because most of the people have not traveled and are embarrassed to admit it. They were left behind to continue to do the drudgery work and live in their hometowns with travel limited to annual vacations to the beach, the mountains or to visit relatives in other states. Life is not fair. We do the best we can and choose the best path every time. Late in life, however, some of us can look back and see where perhaps the other path might have been a bit better but, we can at least say, “ I have few regrets because I have been there, seen that, and done that.” For those who yearn to live an adventure, buy the book and experience it in the comfort of your living room.
Synopsis:This tale of high adventure is set in the real world where life is harsh and customs and culture of peoples are exciting and enthralling. Tom always pursued involvement with the local peoples wherever he worked and traveled. He lusted for the excitement of the adventure. Life is and was truly a great adventure for him. You too can do the adventures first hand like Tom did or 2nd hand by reading of his adventures. After all of his adventures Tom now enjoys watching Explorer and Discover channel to revisit some of the places he’d been before and where he’d enjoyed many fine experiences. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure; now they can experience it through Tom’s exploits.
Book Details · Paperback: 621 pages · Binding: paperback and electronic media · Published: Feb 2006 ISBN 1-4116-7688-2Visit or to order this book as paperback or electronic image.


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