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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello to all my fans around the world (thanks to Scrib’d). 20 August 2007
I got to thinking that it is probably time to let you know what I have been doing. As I finished each of my 6 novels, I felt great excitement and satisfaction and because I had conducted numerous edits on each one, I believed that all errors, omissions and rough spots in the novels had been detected and corrected. But, after time passed I took the effort to read each novel again after letting them lie on my book shelf for about a year. Wow, I really enjoyed reading my own novels and again re-living the experiences. However, as I read, noticed that each novel needed some changes. Some of the details needed re-sequencing for the time line to be completely accurate and I thought that inclusion of a few pictures would spice up the novels a bit. And, there is always an and. After searching/surfing the internet to see how easy my novel titles popped up, I decided that perhaps different titles might get found easier. SOooo, I went about my new self imposed work project with great excitement and fervor. I rewrote/revised, re-sequenced and added pictures and re-titled the novels. I also put all of the republished/re-titled works on Lulu at my storefront there . Although the re-titled novels have no ISBN, they are basically 2nd editions of the original manuscripts. They are available at the Lulu web site for much lower prices than the 1st editions at any and all publishers and book sellers.

My next step was to create this document (blog) to post on the forums I use as a means of letting you know what I’ve done. To find my novels on the net please click on this link . This link takes you to what Lulu calls “My Storefront” where the covers, previews etc of my books are shown to entice you to buy them as either e-books or as paperbacks at very reasonable prices. The storefront contains all of the republications and most of the original first publications regardless of what publishing house originally published them. Again, and importantly, by republishing with Lulu I was able to reduce the purchase price considerably for you.

Below are copies of covers of those novels by Thomas J. McGoldrick and also one by a shy but sometimes bold and brash friend named Tim Martin:

1st Edition of “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” as a republished 1st Edition with Lulu is only $12.96. The Price is much higher with Publish America. Here is the link to “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” (ID #1124251):

The 2nd Edition of “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” re-titled as“The Purpose Driven Retirement to The Marshall Islands” is available for only $14.15 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “My Life Story by Tom M. A Recovering Alcoholic” re-titled “My Obsession with Alcohol and My Recovery” is available for only $10.15 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “Star Wars in the Pacific titled” “The Missing Black Box” is available for only $10.73 with Lulu.
The 1st Edition of “On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings” is available at Lulu for $19.95

The 2nd Edition of “On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings” re-titled to “Return to a Proper Purpose Driven Life Style Thanks to AA Meetings” is available with Lulu for only $11.69
The 1st Edition of “Odyssey of the Auditor Interns” $35.95 with Lulu.

The 2nd Edition of “Odyssey of the Auditor Interns” re-titled to “The New Hires of 1965” is available at Lulu for only $19.95

The 1st Edition of “A Senior Citizen Raising Infant Sons” is available at Lulu for only $12.88
Here is the link to your Book, A Senior Citizen Raising Infant Sons (ID #1124207):

Now for the Novel by shy friend Tim Martin:

The 1st Edition of “Sexual Wandering and Pandering through Life" was published by Author house. This 2nd edition is re-titled Sexual Lust and Gratification and is published with This 484 page lurid book is available for only $17.96 with Lulu. Here is the link to “Sexual Lust and Gratification” (ID #1124117):
My next step will be to post the above data to specific forums. Each time I post, I will feature a different novel sample chapter + cover of each of the above novels. Scrib’d permitting; I will include sample photos to titillate you.
This time I will feature “The Purpose Driven Retirement to the Marshall Islands”. $14.15
Have any of you ever had a dream plan for retirement to own and operate a tourist lodge or cottages somewhere in the mountains, on a lake or on a sea shore? Well, that is what this novel is about. Tom first planned to do this in Austria while working in Germany. So many others had done that successfully and others were waiting for their retirement to do so too. As time passed and Tom worked in other places, the location of that place changed too. While married to the beautiful Lisa, a cultural dance girl from Uh in Pohnpei (center girl of three in picture number 4 for stick dancers at ) the retirement dream had been to build tourist cottages in Pohnpei on her family’s land. After disasters with her and divorce, that plan changed to Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands on the Marshallese wife’s family land. Oh, retirement was still some years away or so he thought. Then one day, as Army bases were being closed, the opportunity came to accept an early retirement. He did so and went to Majuro where he was welcomed back like a long lost friend. At last he was going to get to build his tourist cottages adjacent to a lagoon beach. The weather was great most of the time. The people were good and helpful at first. Life was grand on that island without cars and without electricity. The only store was the one Tom ran. Construction was slow but that was ok. There were plenty of fresh lagoon and ocean fish and the sunsets were magnificent. And, the young women Tokyo the alab brought over to meet him and to entertain him some evenings were a special delight.

Have I got your interest? If so please click on the link . Once there click on any of the book covers on the left side of the page and then click on previews to ferret out more delectable details and then buy as you so desire. Have a great day and thank you again for visiting my storefront at Lulu.

Have a great day because I sure am.
Tom McGoldrick


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