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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wednesday 16 May 2007
Hello dear customers. This is a news update. In my searching for forums and blog sites to advertise my works and in reaching out to get book critiques, I was referred to Mobi-pocket for e-books. Their system for uploading is not as simple as Scrib'd (another site which found me and asked that I post books or parts of books there-lots of customer hits on that site from all around the world) or as is publisher's site but still, it is another "listing" for book sales all around the world and I must not forget Schvroong, it is an interesting blogger/book site too.
And, I find that I cannot leave my novels alone. Once written and put to publish, I think I am through editing and re-writing and in changing of the title but I am not. You see. I tend toward being a perfectionist. And since all of my works are of actual real life events, I fuss with them to flesh them out a bit more and insist on the proper sequence. Of course, I do leave out some of the events/data. And, in re-editing I often find words to change to smooth out the flow, better state the events and to resequence (put in proper sequence) events.
So, I encourage you to use google to go to mobipocket and then to search on McGoldrick to find my books as e-books. Although these have the original titles and ISBNs, the contents are updated. You can get free preview chapters.
You can also go to my storefront with lulu for a complete selection of all my republished books and original editions too. Oh, with lulu, I had made a mistake and didn't know for a year that even though I had clicked on publish, they were not available to the public since I had not clicked on available to the public. Someone at Lulu found the error and notified me. So I must apologize abjectly for my stupid error which probably cause many of you to be frustrated. Yes, I had advertised for all to go to Lulu to get but you couldn't get there. Oh well, live and learn. That problem is now fixed. Also for the 2nd editions I lowered the prices for you.
The first book for you to look at is the new edition titled "The Purpose Driven Retirement to the Marshall Islands" previously titled "Retirement Riches in the Pacific" a title which placed the book in the how to retire books.
For some unkown reason I cannot post a picture of the new cover here. But is is great.
Have a nice day.


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