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Friday, March 03, 2006

On The Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings by Tom McGoldrick
This book tells how I got to AA and stopped drinking. It describes the many AA meetings I attended in the US and abroad and what I learned in those meeting I had to do in order to change to a better life and to get on and stay on the happy road to recovery.

Preview: He continued attending the 5 p.m. AA meetings and stopping afterwards at the tavern on the way home for about a month. Then one evening, while sitting on a stool and tilting up the first glass of very cold Stroh’s beer to wet his whistle, he glanced at a fellow seated at a nearby table drinking a can of Coke. The guy smiled. Tom thought he recognized him from the AA meetings. The guy said, “You’re a hypocrite. First you go to an AA meeting and then you come here and drink beer.”
Tom said, “F--- you. That’s my choice. At least I do not drink before I go to the meetings like some of those other sorry Asses.” He turned back to the bar and drank the rest of his glass of beer. The beer taste in his mouth turned bitter. The taste had been spoiled by that guy’s remark. Tom hated and despised hypocrites. But, he had to admit, if only to himself, that the guy was correct. So, he chose right then and there to cease drinking alcoholic beverages and did so. He paid for his beer, told the bar maid to give the rest of his pitcher to another regular in the tavern he knew and walked out. That was the first time he’d ever given a pitcher or part of a pitcher of beer to someone else even though others had done that to him many times. He had always stayed and drunk the beer given to him believing that he had to since they had given it to him. That was logical and totally dumb thinking.
Who said words don’t harm us? Wrong. Words cut us deeply and cause us to take actions we previously would’ve refused to take. Tom never saw that guy again in AA meetings and he never went into that tavern again either. He didn’t believe in going into a tavern to drink soft drinks. He was also starting to understand better about people coming into our lives for a purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled, leaving.

On the Road to Recovery Thanks to AA Meetings
Genre: Real life action adventure and Addiction and recovery
Paperback: 237 pages
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· Binding: paperback and electronic media· Published: February 2006 ISBN 1-4116-7552-5


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