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Friday, February 09, 2007

Today is the 9th of February 2007, Oh how time is flying by. To all of the readers of my blog maybe this new Google blog thing with the adsense is great but I haven't been able to implement it yet. I keep getting shut out because "someone else is using my e-mail account" and that someone is ME.
But, I sent a distress e-mail to contact us and maybe someone will figure it out.
I have, however been able to change the colors of my blog and think it looks terrific in green. Also, I have updated the linked blog .
With time I seem to be learning. The lulu blog has nice links to the two books I published with lulu in the storefront and the link to this blogger blog of which contains links to the publishers of and Publish so that buyers can EASILY click on the links and get to the places where they can purchase either e-books or paperback books. Thought I had that all set up before but found that there were some glitches. Soooooooooo, please accept my humble apologies for making your internet book search and buying experience difficult.
As a further enticement to buy my books, I will send each of you 2 chapters of each book you are interested in so that you can "thumb" through the book before you buy it. To do that, e-mail me at and tell me what book(s) you want 2 preview chapters from and I'll quickly copy and e-mail them to you.
Thanks and have a great day because other than the difficulties with the adsense and google, I am learning more and am having a great day.
Sincerely yours
Tom McGoldrick
Angeles City, the Philippines



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