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Friday, March 03, 2006

Retirement Riches In The Pacific
“A thrilling tale of a man who, after retiring from many years work with the US Government, accepts the invitation of his wife’s family to go to Emidj Island, Jaluit Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands and build a tourist resort of cottages constructed of iron wood and pandannus thatch.young woman caught up in the spy business at a missile base to help her grandmother in Vladivostok. He is an ever optomistic and aggressive adventurer. He gets deeply involved with the local people, his wife goes “Jumbo Jumbo”, witch doctors are consulted, the woman is pronounced irredeemable, her parents tell him to “throw her away and go and get another one” and he builds his resort only to be burned out by arsonists. He leaves with skin intact and fathers two sons in the Philippines where he lives ever after. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure on a Pacific Island. It isn’t anything like the movies. Now you too can experience in vivid detail- the joys, the boredom, the rapture and the disappointments."
Retirement Riches in the Pacific
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Genre: Real Life Action Adventure
Paperback: 235 pages
Description: A Thrilling tale of adventure and daily life experiences living with people of another culture while establishing a tourist business and building tourist cottages. Want to find out what “coman weine means?” Ever make copra yourself? Get this book and you will read about that and the nightly visits of the pretty “Likatu”. Life can be grand or boring. It is up to the attitude of the person. This is the story of an ever optomistic adventurer seeking “Retirement Riches in the Pacific” only to find that those “riches” he achieved were not in the form of money. For those who yearn to live an adventure; buy the book and experience experience it in the comfort of your living room.
Synopsis:This tale of high adventure and intrigue, is set in the real world where life is harsh and customs and culture of the indigenous people are very different from those of the heroine, but where learning from a people who have survived for over 5,000 years provides an insight into life’s true values. Emidj Island was the centner of culture in the Marshall Islands until the Allies liberated the islands from the Japanese invaders. It was where the Japanese had a seaplane base. To this day there are many “war” relics of power plants with Yanmar diesel engines, fighter plane engines and propellers sticking out of the sandy beaches and sunken boats and ships. Tim, the action adventurer goes to Emidj, hires local people, is given a 2nd “welcome to the islands party” by the women of Jaluit, lives and works with the local people and constructs 10 pandannus thatched cottages on iron wood frames on top of concrete platforms encasing the rubble of the concrete parking strip for the Japanese war planes. He acts as a island trader, crossing the lagoon to “trade” store goods for pandannus thatch and iron wood poles. He enjoys the “nightly visits of pretty Likatu brought by the old Alab”. He enjoys fresh yellow fin tuna cooked on the hot exhaust pipes of the diesel “boom boom” boats. He routinely enjoys real fresh shashmi and mulitcolored tropical sunsets. Some young and violent teenagers drunk and bent on destroying that which they could never have torched one of his cottages during a typhoon and the winds carry the flames to the cottage where he was sleeping. He escapes and removes his belongings with the help of his workers as parts of the flaming roof fall down on them. He finishes the project, and mades copra while waiting for the annual visit of the cargo ship. He sells and ships off island all he can to minimize his losses and leaves the Marshall Islands with his skin intact but with deep emotional pain over the change in the mood of the local people and the travails he suffered his last 6 months on Emidj. He leaves all behind after the arsonists repeatedly excape from the flimsey Majuro jail and tell everyone they encounter that they are going to kill Tim. Life on a beautiful island in the tropics where there is no snow or ice and the days and water are always warm can be peaceful and tranquil and was for much of the time but life on Emidj was not as he had seen portrayed often on movies of the fabulous Pacific. A thrilling tale of determination and perseverance by an older American living and working on a Pacific Isle. This story is for those who yearn to live an adventure; now they can experience it through the exploits of Tim.
Book Details · Paperback: 235 pages · Binding: Hard copy $19.95, paperback and electronic media $4.95· Published: 2003 ISBN 1-4137-0995-8
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